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What Does it Mean?

I know this is promotion for a seminar they are holding, but PR Daily posted an interesting article about the fact that most family members really have no idea what we do. (The article can be read in fullĀ here:

I totally understand the idea that no one really understands what we do – because do we really understand it? Personally, that’s a resounding hell no. Our jobs change on a day to day basis. What did I do Friday? Vetted blogs, attending a brainstorm, sent out invitations for a launch party (among other things). What’s coming up on Monday? Top stories development, briefing documents and FAM coordination. Even that, hardly scratches the surface of what we do. Budgets? Sure. Advertising? Got it. Financial research? Why not. Permit applications? In the bag.

How can we ever begin to describe what we do if we do it all? PR may ask too much of us at times, but it definitely gives us the opportunity to grow and gain expertise in fields we never imagined. One year in, and it’s a little intimidating – but that’s normal, right?….right??