When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It.

Where does inspiration go? No, but seriously. I lost an earring the other day and I have a sneaky suspicion my inspiration saw an easy out and took off with the pesky jewel only to hide behind the third dust bunny on the right. (I’m joking, obviously it’s not there otherwise I would have found it already…)

Truth: I am constantly in awe of one of my co-workers. She comes in everyday totally pulled together, an expert in her field, a creative workhorse and to call her a wordsmith would be gross understatement. I know she has hard days, but man that girl doesn’t show it. Instead, she comes into work and plugs away until she can break through the funk or, in the least, she maintains a constant work flow. She is the ideal female force and I’m lucky to call her a mentor. On days I do lose my inspiration, it’s easy to look at her and know that, as long as I keep moving forward, this will be OK at least.

My Reality: My best outlet on days when my feet feel too long for the bed, singing in the rain sounds more like drowning very slowly and the last drop of honey is gone from my honey pot (oh, bother) is to open myself up to learn something new. Read an article. Watch a slide show. Whatever it is that can spark my interest and remind me that there are engaged, passionate people out there and I should be one of them. 

I love reading particularly passionate writers especially. After reading Artefact’s guidebook today – about review structures, core values, job roles and salary evaluations nonetheless – that was written with so much passion, in-depth explanation and passion that I found myself hooked (and with a new book in my Amazon cart). Sometimes someone else’s passion is all it really takes. 

In the meantime, here are a few things I find inspiring today….


My desktop background…


My previous background…





And of course, this dance break.



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