National Punctuation Day

Truth – that’s what today is, National Punctuation Day.

So forgive me while I wax poetic for a moment about my favorite punctuation, the comma.


Why the comma? For starters, because I’ve been told my over-use of commas (add that to my list of writing errors) is rather reflective of my speaking patterns outside of my computer box. I like the dramatic pause, the well crafted list, the beginning of soliloquy, descriptors for days or just a good ol’ fashioned Oxford comma (again, see writing error post).  What can be said against the comma? Not much I tell you. That pesky exclamation point sneaks in far too often (am I really that excited?!), too many questions marks and you just sound mean (But why? Why did you do that? What is your reasoning? WHOWHATWHEREWHENWHY?) and the semi-colon is just a little too snooty. The comma, however, offers the perfect break.

Thanks, comma. 


P.S. Looking back, maybe I should revise. I apparently like my parenthesis as well.


One thought on “National Punctuation Day

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