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Things You Really Need to Think About

Things You Really Need to Think About

This article made me go….whoa.

Sometimes a Brand Just Gets it Right

Sometimes a Brand Just Gets it Right

No words really needed here other than PR Daily’s insights. Anthropologie curates their brand amazingly. I especially love their commitment to print and continuing to find and drive the value in catalogs.

Where You Can Have it Your Way, but Don’t Get Crazy.

People suck. Sorry, it’s just true. You can always try and suck less, but humanity, on a whole, just sucks. I find it fascinating that people let some of the major travesties of the world slide by (hey, I’m guilty of it too) but are up in arms because some dude is reselling Trader Joes meals, or another dude looks at the frosty machine and can’t resist the urge to put his face under it (goodness knows I wouldn’t be able to). Isn’t it just common knowledge at this point that if you don’t prepare your own food, you are taking a gamble with what happens to it. Be ok with it before you order.

Someone recently told me that if he were in charge of the major corporations that are having to deal with some of these indiscretions that are getting so much media attention (I’m looking at you Taco Bell lick-er…) that their solution would be to make “an example” of the kid who did it (because lets be real, it’s mostly kids) and sue them for all their worth – NAY, all their parents are worth (see kid comment) – fillet them in front of the media, quarter them with horse drawn carriages, and leave them alone in The Iron Maiden until the next twerp knows better than to mess with ACME Burgers and Things!

Ok, first of all, my public relations hat SCREAMING hearing this (your public relations hat talks, right?…what’s that? No public relations hat? Ok, then.) Mr. Large Corporate Man, I don’t care if someone is ruining your business that you’ve worked your whole life to build – you’re a corporation and I don’t like you. On principle, of course. Yup – because that’s all the consumers will think. You can’t “make an example” of someone in a day and age where the power is in the hands of the consumer. Don’t get me wrong, if that extra-hot 492 degree mcmammoth sized drink I ordered burns my mouth, obviously I expect to get not only wages-lost but a little somethin’ somethin’ for the emotional distress I experienced. I can hardly expect to think that might happen. This is a one-way street my friend.

[Pause for a true story – years ago at the mall, my mother bought a tea while indulging me in a justifiably-bad for me Auntie Anne’s pretzel (to which we would later find out I’m severely gluten-intolerant, but that’s another blog post….). I tried being helpful and bringing her tea to the table; long story short, the lid wasn’t all the way on and the scalding hot water spilled down my fragile 8 year-old skin. A trip to the E.R., many screams, 3rd degree burns and a GINORMOUS teddy bear from the company later, and that was that. No lawsuit, no threats – things like this HAPPEN, what’s the point of being that person??]

It’s been a long-time coming that corporations and “the man” are the bad guys. The best you can do is hope to minimize the issue, fire the twisted little weirdo, assure customers you will tighten standards and reevaluate health procedures and hope the creep you saw working next door at PlimpyMcLardFries just can’t resist the urge to violate the frozen potato strings and the media moves on.

Beyond the PR cluster that would ensue (would that be fun? I can’t decide – terrifying, of course – but maybe a little fun?) – Really what does a company get out of it? Legal bills? To what degree do you figure when you grow to that behemoth of a size, and you can’t control every employee, something like this may happen?

Now, where is the office trail mix? I want to stick my grubby hands in it and pull out all the Almonds (another truth).


When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It.

Where does inspiration go? No, but seriously. I lost an earring the other day and I have a sneaky suspicion my inspiration saw an easy out and took off with the pesky jewel only to hide behind the third dust bunny on the right. (I’m joking, obviously it’s not there otherwise I would have found it already…)

Truth: I am constantly in awe of one of my co-workers. She comes in everyday totally pulled together, an expert in her field, a creative workhorse and to call her a wordsmith would be gross understatement. I know she has hard days, but man that girl doesn’t show it. Instead, she comes into work and plugs away until she can break through the funk or, in the least, she maintains a constant work flow. She is the ideal female force and I’m lucky to call her a mentor. On days I do lose my inspiration, it’s easy to look at her and know that, as long as I keep moving forward, this will be OK at least.

My Reality: My best outlet on days when my feet feel too long for the bed, singing in the rain sounds more like drowning very slowly and the last drop of honey is gone from my honey pot (oh, bother) is to open myself up to learn something new. Read an article. Watch a slide show. Whatever it is that can spark my interest and remind me that there are engaged, passionate people out there and I should be one of them. 

I love reading particularly passionate writers especially. After reading Artefact’s guidebook today – about review structures, core values, job roles and salary evaluations nonetheless – that was written with so much passion, in-depth explanation and passion that I found myself hooked (and with a new book in my Amazon cart). Sometimes someone else’s passion is all it really takes. 

In the meantime, here are a few things I find inspiring today….


My desktop background…


My previous background…





And of course, this dance break.


National Punctuation Day

Truth – that’s what today is, National Punctuation Day.

So forgive me while I wax poetic for a moment about my favorite punctuation, the comma.


Why the comma? For starters, because I’ve been told my over-use of commas (add that to my list of writing errors) is rather reflective of my speaking patterns outside of my computer box. I like the dramatic pause, the well crafted list, the beginning of soliloquy, descriptors for days or just a good ol’ fashioned Oxford comma (again, see writing error post).  What can be said against the comma? Not much I tell you. That pesky exclamation point sneaks in far too often (am I really that excited?!), too many questions marks and you just sound mean (But why? Why did you do that? What is your reasoning? WHOWHATWHEREWHENWHY?) and the semi-colon is just a little too snooty. The comma, however, offers the perfect break.

Thanks, comma. 


P.S. Looking back, maybe I should revise. I apparently like my parenthesis as well.